Love Your Neighbor

Active Bystander Intervention

The Love Your Neighbor Active Bystander workshop is a communications training designed to empower communities to combat situations of identity-based violence. The training encourages people to be active bystanders and to de-escalate conflict by engaging the target (not the attacker), documenting the incident and offering the target support.

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She Speaks

Restorative Narrative for Black Women

The saying “we all have a story to tell” is true, but the stories of Black women are often ignored or limited to the themes of wise mammy, over-sexed Jezebel or angry Black women.  Centered around the story of Fannie Lou Hamer, the workshop is designed to help women to tell powerful and strategic stories; to create opportunities for story sharing and begin the work of healing from the trauma of insignificance that dominant narratives place on Black women.

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Media Moments

Amplify Your Message

This training can be customized to fit the needs of your organization, issue campaign and the moment. Participants get hands-on spokesperson practice and begin to learn how to create powerful messaging and navigate news interviews.

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Story Fuel

Storytelling for Social Change

 By definition, a public narrative is a story shared in order to move others to join in collective action. Participants learn to develop powerful public narratives that can be adapted for media appearances, public speaking and digital platforms.